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Supports business growth while adressing the demands of the digital market place.
Every day, we help businesses and organizations reduce risk by providing background checks and employment and volunteer screening services. By embracing a higher standard of excellence, we deliver you superior results to assist in mitigating exposure to fraud, workplace violence and negligent-hiring lawsuits.
Employers need much more than just raw data to operate a successful employment screening program. As one of the world's largest providers of employment screening services, FPDC Global specializes in helping organizations of all sizes and locations efficiently implement, manage and control their screening programs.
Our customer-driven solutions and innovative technology provide you with an unparalleled user experience. You benefit with streamlined processes, cost savings, and paramount privacy and security when it comes to protecting sensitive information. You can trust that our stringent quality assurance and control processes ensure the information provided to you is of the highest caliber.
It's important you benefit from scalable solutions, innovative technology, privacy and security, reliability and regulatory compliance. We help you make the smartest, safest hiring decisions, for your organization's peace of mind.
FPDC Global will be shortly including Leisure and Medical Tourism across the world in our Services list.




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FPDC Global had helped us screen 2 candidates with criminal records who had changed their Jurisdictional address and had committed Financial frauds in a different state altogether which made it difficult to identify since the Police verification report was clear and the candidates had changed their addresses and showed fake rent agreement as address proof.We are very thankful to FPDC Global and their Advocate network since we avoided recruiting these candidates who were supposed to be hired for sensitive Finance related process for our UK Client.
Nitya Sahasrabuddhe - Manager - Talent Acquisition - MORE

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