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Supports business growth while adressing the demands of the digital market place.
Business Performance Solutions
we can promote improved business performance and efficiency throughout talent acquisition and development. We brings extensive knowledge to our partners regarding ways to optimize the hiring process, eliminating inefficiencies wherever possible and freeing up resources to be allocated elsewhere. We understands the need for operational efficiency, and consistently looks for areas of improvement and innovation for our customers.
Talent Management Solutions
A key business issue on the minds of many Human Resources professionals is effective talent management. Playing a key role in the hiring process, your team regularly balances the demand to fill open positions while maintaining the high quality and standards your company holds for new employees.
Compliance and Risk Mitigation Solutions
Employers today are faced with a constantly evolving legal environment; meanwhile, compliance within the hiring process has never been more important.  Talent acquisition and development is critical to your business, yet as an HR professional, you understand there are certain processes that need to be followed to maintain compliance and limit exposure as an organization




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FPDC Legal Services

FPDC Global had helped us screen 2 candidates with criminal records who had changed their Jurisdictional address and had committed Financial frauds in a different state altogether which made it difficult to identify since the Police verification report was clear and the candidates had changed their addresses and showed fake rent agreement as address proof.We are very thankful to FPDC Global and their Advocate network since we avoided recruiting these candidates who were supposed to be hired for sensitive Finance related process for our UK Client.
Nitya Sahasrabuddhe - Manager - Talent Acquisition - MORE

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