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Process of physically verifying a candidate's past, current and permanent addresses, based on the client's need. We verify residential address in terms of the candidates' tenure of living and ownership (this would be conducted based on only discrete enquiries).
Educational information plays a very important role at the initial stage of one's career. Qualification of the candidate is utilized by the HR professionals in ascertaining various parameters for his/her success in the job e.g. subject knowledge, applicant's ability and so on. However this is also the most frequently falsified on resumes. As jobs become more competitive, it is also very common for applicants to exaggerate their educational history. ome of the most frequent education misrepresentations include: Type of Degree / Difference in Major or Program attended / Never Graduated though attended / Certificates from Fake Universities / Forging percentage of marks.
Benefits of pre-employment background screening and of conducting background check throughout individuals' employment tenure cannot be turned a blind eye. Dangers of hiring and on-boarding employees with fudged education certificates, tampered salary slips are self-evident. Dangers increase exponentially when risks are also about on-boarding employees who indulge in substance abuse or have a criminal history, or fall in bad books of colleagues and reporting managers
Reference Check means obtaining qualitative information about the persons performance other than what is showcased by the applicant in his resume which provide valuable insights to the candidates education and employment background data, professional work habits, competency, character, personality and integrity. Reference checks provide employers with valuable information
We ensure you take control of your Brand and stop companies who are misrepresenting your brand in the market place.
FPDC's own FPDC Legal Services along with our strong Legal network across India will provide an exclusive Criminal Verification Report after verifing Subject details in  Jurisdictional Court Records from Jurisdictional Magistrate Court, session court (District Level) and High Court check (State Level) , Supreme Court Check (National Level), Through our Legal Network we can help you trace any type of criminal cases, FIR, Private Complaint (PCR), Civil Disputes, Financial Frauds , Dismissed, Pending and cases with Orders passed against Subject in any part of India
Forensic services includes Fingerprint & DNA sample extraction of the subject by our Forensic Specialists.
With the growing increase in sex related crimes we ensure that we screen sex offenders from available resources, Lists published by State Police & Court Records
A comprehensive investigation to examine and evaluate the soundness, viability and potential risk of entering into a contractual or business relationship, acquisition or other mutual association. Due diligence is about depth and range. When what is at hand carries with it rewards and risks, something of a high level importance, where outcomes become more of a critical nature, due diligence is called for.
Civil cases are any non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against any individual. This includes records that are within the past 7 years, and any records in both the upper and lower courts. Civil searches are an essential part of any background check. It reveals legal actions filed by individuals and businesses against other individuals and businesses. These records include information relating to both the plaintiff and the defendant in such cases, and are searched 7 years back. This is especially helpful to help you identify likely candidates that may become a liability to your company.



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FPDC Global had helped us screen 2 candidates with criminal records who had changed their Jurisdictional address and had committed Financial frauds in a different state altogether which made it difficult to identify since the Police verification report was clear and the candidates had changed their addresses and showed fake rent agreement as address proof.We are very thankful to FPDC Global and their Advocate network since we avoided recruiting these candidates who were supposed to be hired for sensitive Finance related process for our UK Client.
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